Vacancies (May / June 2015)



Collets data from other departments in order to prepare a minute-by-minute schedule for the broadcast day. The traffic person is the daily link between the sales department and programming department, keeping up-to-date commercial time availability.

In putting together a commercial log, the traffic cordinator has to consider the time window that the advertiser has purchased airtime for (such as weekdays between 7am and 12pm); what other types of commercials are in a block (because two competing businesses are not supposed to have commercials that air next to each other); and the length of each commercial relative to how much time is allotted for commercial airplay in an hour. All these elements must be coordinated.


The sales executive is the person who sells advertising and works closely with marketing businesses to the station listeners. Most Sales Executives begin by cold-calling potential clients on the phone and arranging appointments. New Sales Executives will get a small list of established clients but are normally expected to gain new business on their own.



Announcers are the radios station's voice and are often the people with whom the public identifies. This person introduces programs and music, reads commercial copy and public service announcements, and is involved in the overall public presentation of the station. Announcers must adhere to stations’ policies.


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