Mobile Media



The move to the New Media Platform has proven successful for Caribbean Lifestyle Communications Media Network. The media group has over one hundred thousand downloads of its apps for smartphone devices including Blackberry, I Phone and Android.

Managing Director, Ms. Kiran Maharaj, said that the company's thrust towards new media is paying off:

"About four years ago we decided to build our efficiencies in new media as a way of ensuring that we could connect with our listeners wherever they are. We have had a successful track record with online listenership and we formally launched our apps in December of last year so this growth is phenomenal (June 2015)."

80% of the app downloads are from within Trinidad and Tobago, 15% is from within the Caribbean region and 5% is mainly from North America. According to Ms. Maharaj, this new benchmark I the media industry is only one aspect of our media group's 36-degree platform that serves to connect clients with listeners I the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. She states that "businesses are facing challenging times and the role of Caribbean Lifestyle Communications media group is to give our audiences the best in entertainment and to contribute positively to their lives, while also allowing businesses the opportunity to grow and achieve the results they desire."



Advantages of Appvertising:

1. Cost Effective

2. Direct Interaction with Customers

3. Allows for Creativity

4. It’s an Attention-grabber       

5. Clutter-free ad option

6. Enhances Affinity to brand or product

7. Increased word-of-mouth

8. Portability of your offer (e.g. coupons, samples, etc)

9.  Increased Visibility and recall

10. Supports all other media