Caribbean Lifestyle Productions

With a background in film and entertainment, Caribbean Lifestyle Productions has been responsible for Producing some of the largest concert events in Trinidad and Tobago including the Bollywood Music Awards, the Bollywood Movie Awards and the Plymouth Jazz Festival.  The Plymouth Jazz Festival was deemed to be “one of Planet Earth’s Top 10 Music Events” by Forbes Traveller

In addition we have produced several other concerts which tie into the formats of our stations and which also seek to present the highest quality productions for our audiences.


Our slogan states – “Entertain-Engage-Empower-Excite” – defines our commitment to our audiences to reach them not only through radio, television, online and mobile devices but to connect with them by creating memorable entertainment experiences.

Over the years we have done this successfully by staging music concerts, innovative events, contests and promotions.   In this way we have created opportunities for our clients and ourselves to interact directly with audiences.


Our Photo Gallery is a glimpse into what we’ve done.






Sponsorship Opportunities 

We know that our relationships with our audiences present a unique opportunity for clients who are  able to gain recognition, top of mind awareness and build affinity with the public via their partnership with us as sponsors.  What’s more is that we integrate our clients into our marketing communications mix for each project so that clients can benefit from our encirclement strategy for our events.


Here’s what some of our sponsorship partners had to say:


“…the opportunities for engagement with attendees allowed us to not only capture valuable   market data but also get them to truly understand what we do and what we offer…”


“I am impressed with the level of professionalism and execution of Caribbean Lifestyle Communications.”


“…the fact that we have been working with this group for over 15 years now shows how satisfied we are…they deliver.”


“The feedback from patrons is fantastic…the experience is what matters and everyone leaves happy and wanting to know when is the next concert…”


Here are samples of our Sponsorship Opportunities:

PDF: Gold Package

PDF: Silver Package

PDF: Copper Package